WISH #4: Get a Puppy!

I feel lonely…

I want to get a puppy!

I always had pets… cats & dogs… when I lived with my parents!

Now that I live alone I need one!

My favorite dog breed are:

  1. Boxer dogs
  2. Wiener Dog… particularly a dapple Dachshund
  3. Frenchies
  4. Pugs
  5. Boston terriers

If I could I would get one of each breed… but for now I can only have one!

But I can’t make my mind.

They are all small dogs, except for Boxer dogs. I like them because they are the clown of the dog world. Boxers seem to stop growing when they’re 1 or 2 years old. They are always happy and ready to play and make us laugh. But Boxers suffer from many health conditions…

Help me decide…

WISH #3: Lose Another 4 Pounds

In the beginning of the Summer I decided that I should lose weight.

I wanted that bikini body…

Did I achieve my goal?

I started using an appetite suppressant that was featured on several health related TV shows.

I’m talking about saffron extract.

In the first 4 weeks I noticed a change in my appetite for food, especially the one I was not suppose to eat… The result was that I lost 4 pounds in 1 month. That’s no much, but I didn’t do much either.

Then I stopped taking the supplement and decided to start a vigorous fitness program designed by Scott Sonnon. It’s a great program but very hard to keep with it… With great effort I could do it for another 4 weeks. I lost only 2 pounds… but my fat turned into muscle! I’m pretty sure that I have lost more than 4 pounds of fat and gained around 2 pounds of muscles!

I’m tempted to continue with Scott’s program but starting to take an appetite suppressant again, because as soon as I stopped for the first time I started eating like a horse!

This time the choice goes for garcinia cambogia advanced extract supplements.

I don’t know if it is safe… I’ll have to research about it!

There are also numerous scientific trials that show its effectiveness.

In a couple of weeks I’ll do an update on my quest…

I’m pretty sure that I ended up with 12 pounds less.

The only problem is that when I achieve my goal it will be the end of the Summer.

So realistically you’ll need around 3 months to lose around 10 to 12 pound if you’re slightly overweight as I was.

So if you’re not in shape and are looking for that bikini body for the Summer, my advise is to begin in April… This way in the end of June you’ll be super fit!

Fit Woman
That’s not me… I wish… maybe some day :)

WISH #2: Be Healthy!

I’ve been using a appetite suppressant to help me eat a bit less.

Besides that, I’m also having a more careful food choice… I’m avoiding fat and sugar rich foods.

But the problem is that I’m not doing any serious exercise for a while due to an injured knee.

Now that I’m fully recovered I intend to start working out.

I must say that I’m surprised with the results of saffron extract… I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks.

And I have tendency to get some weight whenever I stop exercising.

Now I have to workout on gaining muscle mass!

I don’t like dull exercise programs where you all the same boring exercises.

I need a program that is full of different and interesting exercises.

I came across with Scott Sonnon Kettlebell program and…

…It’s absolutely amazing!

I’m not quite sure if I can keep up with it… but I’m giving it a try!

This guy trains Navy Seals and MMA fighters and uses Kettlebells… a spherical weight with a handle invented by Russians!


Wish #1: I Want to Lose Weigh!

In 2011 studies concluded that 69% of the U.S. population were overweight…

So you must not be alone when you wish to lose weight… 7 out 10 people may be thinking or wishing about an easy way to shed those extra pounds.


Can we help you?

Yep… but first YOU must understand some important aspects:

(1) YOU and nobody else should decide you want to start your weight loss journey!
(2) When YOU do this, you have to start the journey with a different MIND SET! What do we mean? Well… you need to stay focus, positive and truly committed to it no matter what happens…
(3) There’s a basic equation that controls weight: Calories Burned must equal Calories ingested… In your case the burned calories must be higher than the ones you ingested in order to be possible to lose weight.
(4) You achieve this by eating less and exercise more… and there’s no alternative. You NEED to do this. Instead of taking drastic measures you can progressively changing your diet and increasing your levels of physical activity.

But… wait… You must be thinking “you said you can help us…”

Yes, we can!

On top of steps 1 to 4 you recommend you use a supplement than controls your appetite… We’re talking about natural Saffron Extract supplement that makes your system release a substance called serotonin that calms you down and gives you the sensation of happiness.

Things you need to do to change your life!